A mess of stress/ overcoming obstacles.

T minus 12 days until I leave for university. What does T – even mean? Oh, I guess it must stand for time. That would make sense.

Anyway, my stress and anxiety levels are through the roof. Not only do I have to worry about all stuff relating to moving to college (Like the fact I’m living with three girls in a room for two… I know.) But I also need to worry about my writing. I promised myself that I would finish my book before I left for college this summer and I still have a significant amount of writing left to do in- what was our count down? Oh, right 12 days. I literally can’t think about the emotional aspect of all this for too long or I won’t be able to do what I need to do before I leave. And by the way in case anyone was wondering I’m going to college in the mountains, which means I might as well of moved to Siberia because it’s gonna be cold.

I should probably go over the positives of all this too, right? Well, college will be a phenomenal place for growth and growth is always good.

Also, the book! I know I keep stressing and stressing over the work but I should be ecstatic I’m almost finished. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere, I am still in that category of people who actually wrote a book. And if that isn’t something to be proud of myself for I don’t know what is.

These last four years of writing have been an extremely grueling process full of tears, exhaustion, and not thinking I was good enough to do this. But here I am- doing it. It’s a wonderful thing to be working to achieve your dreams. Let go of the anxiety and stress because the reality is we have overcome every single challenge that we have come across and survived every bad day. No matter what obstacle comes before you, you remember that. You remember that you have survived everything else before you and this is no different. Have faith in yourself and believe you can handle whatever challenges that may or may not pop up in your life. Because you can.

You do that and I will try to do the same.

This was just my first post and more of a mess of emotions taped together in a blog but I have more to come.

Dream on,