Anxiety Talk

Hey lovely peeps,

This is a talk on anxiety (Ah, yes that dreadful topic). Anxiety is something that I have personally struggled with for a long time. After the recent release of my debut novel “An Accidental Residency” my anxiety has spiked quite tremendously. For some reason the whole process but especially the actual release has turned something inside me. For a while I couldn’t turn off negative or stressful thoughts revolving the release. It’s been something that I am working to overcome by setting myself up with good habits like eating better, consistently working out, etc. But it is definitely a battle.

I don’t know what exactly about releasing my book gives my so much anxiety. It could be the thought of being successful (or not making it at all), or that my work is forever out into the universe, that now anytime someone Googles my name it will pop up and is now attached to me, or maybe it’s that people will actually be reading it (people I know & people I don’t). All those thoughts and more tend to revolve and alternate in my head and keep me up. It can be overwhelming and frankly, a little scary.

I am, however, determined to overcome. As I have overcome every obstacle before I shall too overcome these negative thoughts and emotions. I must find the joy in accomplishing what I have accomplished and not let anxiety steal it away from me. I deserve to be where I am, and I have accomplished what I have because I have worked hard for it.  I should be proud of myself.

This has been an incredible journey that is far from being over, but I am excited and ready for the adventure ahead. Work hard for your dreams and don’t quit. Now not and not ever.

Dream on kid,