Pitching To Agents & The WDC

Hey beautiful peeps,

I just got back from a crazy NYC business trip and am resting after a 10 HOUR DRIVE (I know, Idk how I made it either).
Some highlights include- I was featured on my first ever podcast, I’ll post the link on my Instagram when it’s out ;), and attended the Writers Digest Conference. If they’re any writers or screenwriter are out there I would 100% recommend going to the conference. Lots of amazing speakers giving out great information (on writing tricks, career or genre advice, screenwriting field, etc.). If only for the information you learn and the network you can make there I would say the conference is worth it. But it’s also an opportunity to pitch to literary agents at a Pitch Slam!

I pitched this year and was shaking through the whole thing. It’s one thing to face rejection over email and another to do it face to face. I got 4 of the 5 agents I pitched to have interest in my self-published novel, “An Accidental Residency”. Which was an amazing thing but also equally terrifying. Its like passing the first test, OK now I get to send them my manuscript or a sample, but then coming to the next test. Now I will be waiting 4-8 weeks for a response from any of the agents. I’m terrified of both not getting any responses, but also what they might say if they do reply. What will they ask from me? Will they request the full manuscript? Make me an offer? An offer under what circumstances?

Rejection is scary, but I know it, I’m comfortable with it. But success? Success is way scarier.

For now, though, I wait. Wait for what the universe will bring me, and I will cross every bridge when I come to it. As scared and anxious as this may make me, I am also incredibly excited for the possibilities. Who knows what’s next?

Every bit of life is an adventure. We gotta flow with the waves and try out best.
The possibilities are endless.

Dream on, kid.